What do you want to know about air conditioning service in Gold Coast?

I don't use my air conditioning much, so why bother with a service?

If you leave your car outside for a year without using it, it’ll probably fail to start when you actually need it. Regardless of usage, it’s in your best interest to protect your asset by getting your domestic cooling and heating systems maintained at least once per year. Repairs and replacements are costly, so it’s best to have a regular maintenance program with us. March through to the end of August is emergency service time.

Why do air conditioning units break down?

Breakdowns are caused by various things; including poor installation, labour and materials. Further reasons include a lack of servicing and maintenance, faulty electricals, undersized or oversized units, bad design, the wrong location of indoor or outdoor units, poor-quality manufacture, and low-quality piping. You should always be careful about who you task with installing your cooling and heating solutions, and bear in mind that having a licence doesn’t necessarily make for a trustworthy company.

Do many of your customers require emergency assistance?

Fortunately, our prudent customers on maintenance programs rarely have to call in an emergency during the summer. Why? Because we provide quality installations time after time.The right design combined with regular programmed maintenance all but eliminates calls from customers during the hot season.

What should I keep an eye on in terms of climate change, usage and statistics?

Most areas of Australia experience extreme or uncomfortable weather conditions for extended periods of time. The Gold Coast and Brisbane are no different, and the ideal temperature would be 22 to 26 degrees and the right humidity. The most common air conditioning issues in Australia stem from systems that are sized incorrectly (over or under capacity*), break down because they’re not installed properly, or are simply not built to withstand Australia’s unique weather conditions. Robertson Air Conditioning only stocks air conditioning systems built to cope with the weather we experience here in Australia, with maximum energy efficiency. We’ll help to make sure that you keep your cool all year round, even when you get your energy bill!

*Capacity is the output of a unit in (kW) some still use HP (horsepower) 1 HP = approx. 2.25kW 2.25kW approx. is for an average size bedroom 12M sq. approx. with a standard window (windows not facing west). This explanation does not take into consideration construction details insulation etc. therefore the above is not conclusive and should not be used for design purposes.

Why do I feel so uncomfortable some days when it’s not so hot?

If humidity is high, you’ll always feel hot. Humidity can be reduced to a comfortable level with the right size and type of air-conditioner, and Robertson Air Conditioning can help you choose without being influenced by brand. Some manufacturers offer incentives (such as trips overseas or rebates) to induce companies and sales staff to push their brand. We carefully choose what’s right for the customer, and are not married to, or influenced by, any particular brand.

Will insulation keep the heat out so I can do away with air conditioning?

Yes and no. Yes, it will keep some heat out for part of the day. Unfortunately, when the space heats up, the heat will be trapped in by the insulation. Insulation does not negate the use of cooling or heating to keep you comfortable. However, we do recommend insulation, as this will reduce the size and cost of the air conditioning, as well as your running costs.

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Considerations for air conditioning

1. Capacity required kW (not HP - this must be calculated by an expert, not a newcomer or inexperienced person). Considerations: type of construction, orientation, insulation, glass, etc.

2. What type of air conditioning suits you best? For example, split systems (wall-mounted, ceiling or floor, etc.) or ducted systems (with or without zones).

3. Brand (must take into style and capacity requirements, etc.) You may need advice. Note: no single manufacturer has a complete range to suit all requirements.

4. Installation by the company themselves and not others (some companies get others and don't reveal this).

5. Read more on our website for common questions regarding our air conditioning and maintenance services.
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