Whether it's just an A/C inverter in Gold Coast or a whole new unit like above, Robertson Air Conditioning can help

We Can Fix Your A/C Inverter in Gold Coast and Much More!

Robertson Air Conditioning is a family owned company with high moral and ethical standards. We have been reliably installing and servicing AC units for our customers across South East Queensland since 1976.

Getting Hot?

At Roberson Air Coniditioning, we offer friendly advice and reliable solutions for air conditioning and heat pumping around the Gold Coast.


You deserve comfort when it is hot! So look after yourself, your family and friends at home or if it is a business, keep yourself and your valued staff comfortable too. Don't put it off any longer. We can offer an air conditioning or heat pump system that will suit you. You deserve to be comfortable. 

Our team is experienced with both small and large jobs and we help make getting the right comfort system a breeze. We take all the worry out of it for you and thrive on challenges.

We will provide options of sizes and styles of air conditioning system that best suits your home or business. You can soon be breathing fresh, filtered air with your own climate control providing you comfort and relief in no time.

Our Values

Long after the installation is complete, or if you are a new customer, we offer ongoing preventative maintainence and servicing. You are not just a name or number - we value all customers individually and treat you as a friend. We want to take care of you and give you peace of mind too.

We welcome you to keep in contact with us to make sure you always know we are there for you when you need us. Many of our customers have become friends and tell their friends to make sure they call us. That's why since 1976 we have been supplying, installing, servicing to our loyal customers.

We offer a large range of units from trust-worthy brands. We are happy to discuss all installation types and unit styles. Contact our team for expert advice or have a look at our brands page for more information.

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About Our Latest Systems

The technology in home air conditioning systems has changed in recent years, with new and more energy efficient heating and cooling systems now available, including:

  •  Inverter type*‚Äč
  • Reverse cycle**
  • Climate control
  • Ducted systems
  • Split systems
  • Split types - wall, ceiling, floor 

Speak with a member of our team to discuss how to go about choosing which system best suits you.

There is no one type brand or size fits all, There is so much to choose from however we will guide you through the options of brands and models Our dedicated staff at  Robertson Air Conditioning will work closely and carefully with you to create a system that suits your needs and budget.

* Inverter speeds the outside unit (fan & compressor) up or down (saving energy when correctly applied and if installed by Robertson) to suit the temperature requirements and the temperature setting you choose. 

** Why reverse cylce? Reverse cycle simply reverses the cycle from cooling to heating (saves huge energy costs on heating mode) It takes heat from the air outside even if it is only 8 deg or less and then transfers the engergy (delivering warm air) inside. up to 2 to 5 times more efficient than gas or std. electric