Whether it's just an A/C inverter in Gold Coast or a whole new unit like above, Robertson Air Conditioning can help

Home Air Conditioning in Gold Coast and Much More!

When you control the temperature, you control comfort. Without air conditioning, that Gold Coast heat soon becomes unbearable. Get out of the heat with help from Robertson Air Conditioning. 


Our technicians have worked on all types of jobs, big or small. We provide various sizes and styles of air conditioning systems, so we can find the best solution for you. You think you have an air conditioning job we can’t handle? Try us. We love a challenge.


The top equipment for home air conditioning on the Gold Coast keeps changing. New cooling systems save you energy and, with time, save you money. For example, air conditioner inverters—an inverter regulates the speed of the fan and the compressor so your system avoids an inefficient cycle of stop and start. 

Want another example of tech innovation? Look at reverse cycle air conditioning. Instead of a separate heating system that relies on generating its own heat, a reverse cycle system uses air conditioning to pull heat from the air outside and into your home, even during a winter night.

Our team can help you pick the right technology to fit your needs.


We’re here to take care of you and your comfort. At Robertson Air Conditioning, you’re not just a name on a list or an order number—you’re a friend. We love the frequent references we receive from our friends, and those references are a big reason we’ve been in business since 1976.

Whether you need a new system or preventative maintenance and servicing on an older one, we can help. If your home or business needs the comfort of air conditioning on the Gold Coast, call us today on (07) 5597 7600.

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